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The problem

Many accounting students or graduates have approached us over the years for accounts training and work experience. However, we have found that many struggled with the basic aspects of the accounts training. This was despite applicants having studied for several years, for example accounting and finance degrees at university or being fully/part qualified ACCA.

This suggests that there is a big gap between studying accountancy and working in practice.

The traditional method (and still used for ACA) to become an accountant is to study and train at the same time for 3 years on an accounts training contract. For example, one would study about accruals and prepayments at college and then put this theory into practice at work by analysing expenses for accruals and prepayments and making journal adjustments.

If students are only studying the theory at university or college, however, then they don’t have the opportunity to apply their skills in the real world.

The solution

We have created an accounts training course that will teach students how accounts are prepared in the real world:

  1. process transactions into the books of prime entry (eg sales/expenses and bank receipts/payments)
  2. check that the bank reconciles
  3. analyse the transactions and make adjustments to ensure compliance with GAAP:
    • fixed assets and depreciation
    • trade debtors
    • prepayments
    • trade creditors
    • accruals
    • analytical review of the P&L
    • very basic tax computation
  4. prepare a trial balance
  5. prepare a basic set of statutory accounts under FRSSE


Advanced training

If you have already mastered the basics we can also teach you about:

  • IFRS accounts
  • Consolidations
  • Cashflow statements
  • Share options
  • Derivatives
  • Valuations
  • Corporation tax returns
  • and anything else

Why should you take the accounts training course?

If you take the course you will have a better understanding of how accounts work in real life and this may help you to perform better in job interviews and exams.

You will also receive a certificate from us that you have completed the course.

Prices and course schedule

We are very flexible in terms of dates and can tailor courses depending on your budget, so please send us an email with your preferred date range and what you’re looking for and we can give you a quote.


The office is located in South Woodford. The tube is approximately 10-15 mins walk and there are also a number of buses nearby. We may also be able to provide the course in central London, however please contact us to arrange this, and there may be an additional fee for this.

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