Outsourced finance

Save Thousands of Pounds with outsourced finance

If you have an in-house finance function you could save around £15,000-20,000 per employee using our outsourced finance solution!

In this day and age and the technology available, do you really need an in house accountant physically working in your office?

Using the latest technology we can perform any finance and accounting task at lighting speed and with high levels of accuracy and quality control.

We can provide the ultimate benefit: a low cost service with a higher level of quality!

Lower cost

A part or fully qualified accountant will typically cost at least £30,000, plus there are numerous other costs such as employer’s NI, training, 5 weeks paid holiday, sickness, idleness etc.

With our ultra efficient business processes, we use our team of accountants to remotely perform tasks from our back office in Bangladesh. As the cost of living in Bangladesh is very low, we can pay good salaries to the staff over there and yet save you a ton of money.

Higher quality

Everything will be overseen by qualified UK accountants in our London office to ensure quality control and compliance with UK regulations. We ensure that multiple people are involved and follow a quality control process. This reduces the chances of errors being made.

Furthermore, as we’ll have a whole team of accountants working for you, sickness and holiday will no longer cause you delays or problems.

Our team have experience of a wide range of transactions and processes from preparing IFRS consolidated accounts to dealing with share options to reconciling the messiest of supplier accounts. We can also perform mission critical duties like daily processes and reconciliations for 3rd party business partners such as factoring agencies or credit card merchants.

Case studies

One of our clients was paying £30,000 on an in-house accountant, but wasn’t fully utilised, didn’t have any holiday cover and was prone to making mistakes. We took over at a fraction of the salary, have a team of accountants working on it, and are providing a much higher quality of work.

Another client has a high volume business without any in-house accountants. They’ve outsourced everything to us, from bookkeeping to credit control to cashflow forecasts. Again, they’ve saved around £20,000-30,000 by not needing to hire inhouse accountants and can spend the money on marketing instead and grow the business.

How does it work

Our team in London will conduct a review of your business model and obtain a full understanding of current business processes and systems. We’ll also discuss any problems with you or areas you’d like to improve. Once we know what tasks need to be performed and the daily/weekly/monthly deliverables we’ll make a plan of how to work efficiently and accurately.

We can execute the plan and your outsourced finance function will run like clockwork with minimal input from yourselves.

What services can we provide

Sales ledger

Purchase ledger

Credit control

Inventory management and analysis

General bookkeeping and bank reconciliations

Monthly management accounts

Cashflow forecasts and budgets

Virtual CFO/FD services

Annual accounts and tax returns

Payroll and VAT

Consolidated accounts or prepare consol/reporting packs to parent companies


Next steps

Please get in touch for a free consultation and an estimate of how much money you could save with our outsourced finance team!