Halve your wage bill by outsourcing to us

If you currently employ UK staff for any back or middle office roles, then you can save a substantial amount by outsourcing the work to us and using our remote staff.

We have found that UK jobs can easily be outsourced where the work is done on a computer and can be turned into a series of processes.

Read our case studies to learn about companies who are already saving £10k-20k per staff with outsourcing.

The key benefits include:

  • big reductions in wages/NIC bill and related costs for hardware and office/premises costs
  • focus on your core operations and grow your sales
  • we will recruit, train and supervise remote workers for you
  • holiday cover and no need to worry about staff turnover
  • 1 point of contact in our London office and you can speak to the remote worker anytime

What services/roles can you outsource?

You can outsource virtually any role or task to us, some of the common ones include:

  • administration
  • daily processes and tasks
  • sales/purchase orders and invoices
  • credit control
  • lead generation, marketing and social media
  • bookkeeping and financial management
  • IT support
  • customer service operators
  • data entry

How does it work?

Our London office will first arrange to meet with you and obtain a full understanding of your business, its operations, risks and pressures.

We can then analyse the particular role or process in detail and learn how to perform the role.

Once our London office understands how to do it, we can train our back office staff in Bangladesh to perform the role.

We’ll allocate staff based on complexity and volume and can match your working hours. We can also allocate multiple people to the job and have them work around the clock so that you can even earn money whilst you sleep.

Our staff use our own premises and hardware and adhere to our strict code of conduct and privacy and confidentiality requirements. We do not subcontract the work.

We use a secure VPN line to connect our London and Bangladesh offices and we can tailor an IT solution to connect to your office, depending on your specific needs.

You can talk with the remote staff whenever you want by phone, Skype, email and any other tools you may use, for example Slack.

Next steps

If you’re interested in saving £10-20k per employee outsourced, then please contact us for a free consultation on how you can hire our remote workers.