Re-register as a plc

How to Re-register as a plc

A plc status can be beneficial for privately held companies as they will improve the credit status for a business and also makes it look more prestigious. A plc can be privately owned and doesn’t have to be listed on a stock exchange.

If you currently have a limited company but need a plc, you can re-register as a plc by completing a RR01 form available at Companies House and by submitting the following items:

  • amended articles for a plc
  • special resolution to re-register as a plc and to adopt new articles
  • balance sheet
  • auditor’s unqualified report and written statement

The main rule is that it needs to have £50k of share capital, of which at least £12.5k issued in cash.

The key rules are explained from section 90 onwards of the Companies Act 2006.

Please watch our short video for more details:


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