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What are the benefits of appointing us?

Peace of mind

The UK tax system is one of the most complicated in the world and thats before you factor in HMRC's complex and error prone online systems.

If you appoint us, we'll tell you what you need to give us, and when, and then we'll take care of all your compliance.

Many of our clients switched to us because they had been let down by their previous accountants. We use strict internal controls and procedures to ensure all your accounting, tax, VAT, payroll and company filings are:

  • made on time
  • factually correct and
  • in compliance with laws and regulations.

  • So far, none of our clients have had to pay a penalty on our watch!

    Technical expertise

    We have the expertise to deal with complex issues and to solve your problems.

    We can advise you on a diverse set of accounting and tax issues that are normally only within the realm of much bigger firms.

    For example, we can help you with issues such as:

  • EMI share options
  • R&D tax credits
  • derivatives
  • intangible assets
  • using offshore vehicles for corporation tax/VAT purposes
  • group consolidations
  • business modelling
  • Tax savings

    As tax experts, we provide a wide range of taxation services and use an integrated approach to deliver tax savings.

    We do this by using the following methods:

  • Understanding your business
  • Planing tax strategies in advance
  • Combining audit and tax/VAT expertise to join the dots
  • Checking if complex or tricky items can be treated in different ways
  • Claiming all the reliefs you're entitled to
  • Staying on top of changes in tax laws and budgets

  • We always act with integrity and honesty and will only seek to save you tax if its within the law.

    There are some businesses who claim for non-existent expenses or seek to evade tax by splitting their business, hiding income or using overly aggressive "tax avoidance" schemes. However, they are just asking for trouble and HMRC will eventually catch up with them, resulting in large fines, penalties and interest.

    Value for money

    Our senior staff are heavily involved and we leverage their experience and knowledge to identify your problems and to offer solutions, giving you peace of mind that the accounts and are reliable.

    Larger firms are often constrained by budgets and bureaucracy and so may only do the bare minimum, with junior or unqualified staff doing the bulk of the work. Yet, they still charge a premium for simply having their name on the accounts.

    Unless your investors or bank insists upon using a large firm, we'd recommend that you save fees by appointing us and spend the savings on growing your business.

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