Accounting for invoice finance

How to account for invoice finance? It may sometimes be important to check if the invoice finance is recourse or non-recourse. Examples of lenders are Market Invoice, Bibby, Lloyds etc. But for smaller businesses, the typical accounting treatment will involve: sales invoice is raised: debit trade debtor and credit sales as normal invoice finance received:… Continue reading Accounting for invoice finance

6 ways to legally boost your balance sheet permanently

We use our expertise to help clients maximise their assets where legally possible in accordance with UK GAAP or IFRS. This is especially useful for companies who need to meet gross asset or capital requirements such as FCA firms or raising bank loans or complying with bank or investor covenants. However, the methods below are… Continue reading 6 ways to legally boost your balance sheet permanently

Re-register as a plc

How to Re-register as a plc A plc status can be beneficial for privately held companies as they will improve the credit status for a business and also makes it look more prestigious. A plc can be privately owned and doesn’t have to be listed on a stock exchange. If you currently have a limited… Continue reading Re-register as a plc

Bitcoin audit

Why would a Bitcoin audit be required? The New York State Department of Financial Services have¬†proposed Bitlicense regulations which would require licensees to¬†submit audited annual financial statements. If these regulations are passed it is possible that authorities in other jurisdictions would implement similar requirements. For example, we note that online gambling was initially illegal in… Continue reading Bitcoin audit