Mileage allowance

Can directors claim for fuel and motor expenses? We cannot include car repair, fuel and running costs in a limited company’s accounts unless they are for a company car. Directors can claim for 45p per mile for the first 10,000 business miles per year and 25p thereafter. We would normally make an adjustment for this… Continue reading Mileage allowance

Are legal and professional fees tax deductible?

Fees related to a trade are often allowable but it depends on the nature of the fees. Generally, fees related to the purchase or sale of property/assets and to do with raising equity finance are disallowed for tax purposes. “Capital” expenditure: not deductible Legal and professional fees are “capital” if they relate to an asset’s:… Continue reading Are legal and professional fees tax deductible?

Loss relief

Trading losses If your company makes a loss from its trading operations then it can claim relief against corporation tax. Current year If you make a trading loss, you can offset the loss against profits/gains from other trades or sources in your company in the current year. Carry back against previous year If you can’t… Continue reading Loss relief

Can tax deductions be claimed for bad debts?

Bad debts can receive tax deductions if they are: bad debts that definitely cannot be recovered (eg debtor has already closed down) specific bad debts that are doubtful/unlikely to be received debts released by the creditor as part of a statutory insolvency arrangement Bad debts won’t receive tax deductions if they’re general provisions against overall… Continue reading Can tax deductions be claimed for bad debts?

Is entertaining tax deductible?

Business entertainment means the provision of free or subsidised hospitality or entertainment. The person being entertained may be a customer, a potential customer or any other person. We’ve broken it down into 3 categories: 1) Clients and potential customers Client entertainment usually isn’t allowable for tax purposes. Examples may include: taking clients out for meals/drinks… Continue reading Is entertaining tax deductible?

2018 Autumn Budget Update

As usual there are many changes to the 2018 Autumn Budget, however they’re not all relevant to our clients. So here we have set out the important changes that may affect our clients. The 2 main issues are IR35 changes for contractors and limits on R&D cash refunds. We’ve also added a reminder about the… Continue reading 2018 Autumn Budget Update

EMI Schemes (Enterprise Management Incentive)

EMI schemes (Enterprise Management Incentives) are tax advantaged schemes offered by H M Revenue & Customs to small and medium sized businesses (“SME”) for incentivising the SME’s employees. EMI schemes are share option schemes which fundamentally provide tax savings for both the employee and the SME whilst also providing the facility for the SME to incentivise… Continue reading EMI Schemes (Enterprise Management Incentive)

Setting up company structure

Factors involved in setting up company structure There are different factors involved in setting up company structure and it depends on the type of business, circumstances of the shareholders and their aims for the business.   Shareholders: if you may sell the company and re-invest the profits a holding company may be useful otherwise, the co-founders can… Continue reading Setting up company structure

Diverted Profits Tax

Draft legislation has just been released  for the diverted profits tax, which was recently announced in the Autumn Statement 2014 Effective date The new rules will be effective in respect of profits arising on or after 1 April 2015. 1st Rule The first rule is designed to address arrangements which avoid a UK permanent establishment… Continue reading Diverted Profits Tax