FinTech accountant

We specialise as FinTech accountants

FinTech startups and companies can have very complex regulatory requirements, even if they’re pre-revenue startups or bootstrapping.

As well as the normal complications for Tech startups, some FinTech startups may need to apply for  FCA authorisation especially if they’re involved in crowdfunding or are involved with securities or derivatives. Alternatively, they may need advice on the exemptions from FSMA 2000 or advice about the Payment Services Regulations or dealing with client money.

We are uniquely positioned as a boutique firm based in the Square Mile in that we have experience with both Tech startups and also financial services firms such as a hedge fund, online FX trading platform, bond trader, investment management firm and financial advisor.

As well as the basics like bookkeeping, payroll and accounting, we can also perform statutory audits, client money audits (CASS) and bitcoin audits. We also have experience of VAT for financial services and devising strategies to reclaim input VAT.

This means that we can combine our skills and experience gained from advising tech startups and financial services to provide a 1 stop accounting solution for FinTech startups.

We also have contacts who are compliance consultants and can take care of your licence applications and ongoing compliance with FCA regulations.

We are happy to meet face to face at our office in Liverpool Street and this can often useful when discussing complex income streams and business processes.

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