AIM & AQSE listed plcs

Specialist audit and accounting for AIM & AQSE listed plcs

We provide high quality audits for AIM and AQSE listed plcs with a personal service.

We are ranked in the top 5 auditors in the AQSE stock market and top 25 in the AIM stock market according to the number of our clients (per Adviser Rankings).

The problem with larger firms

Plcs listed on AIM or AQSE typically have to pay a premium for their audit fees, even though we have heard of plcs complaining about their auditors:

  • fees are too high
  • time is wasted on obsure accounting rules that are not material
  • inefficient audits as junior staff ask irrelevant questions or information from previous audits is ignored
  • basic accounting errors are not picked up due to a lack of expertise
  • no personalised service and not feeling like a priority

Our solution

We aim to charge less than the big firms to audit AIM and AQSE listed plcs without compromising on quality.

We make sure that the audit is planned effectively and that we focus on the key risks.

Its also important to complete the audit as soon as possible to avoid your shares being suspended for not announcing the annual results on time.

We apply a pragmatic approach to make sure we that we get the job done in good time, whilst obtaining enough audit evidence mitigate our audit risk.

Our expertise

We have gained valuable skills and experience from working with many AIM and AQSE listed plcs.

We are in the top 5 auditors in the AQSE market and top 25 in the AIM market according the number of clients (per Adviser Rankings).

In the last few years we have won numerous audits from larger firms due to cost savings and by treating the clients as a priority.

We have also acted as reporting accountants for a number of AQSE IPOs involving audit work, working capital reports, FPPP, tax and other related services.

Complex transactions

MAH’s in depth knowledge and experience also allows us to easily deal with complex issues such as:

  • Share options and dealing with the Black-Scholes model
  • Intangible assets and also research and development tax credits
  • Financial instruments such as convertible loans and derivatives such forwards, options and swaps
  • Leases, right of use assets and lease liabilities
  • Group accounts, consolidation adjustments and goodwill valuations
  • Going concern – we focus on looking at the bigger picture and taking a view as to whether the company will be able to survive. As well as analysing forecasts and assumptions in detail, we’ll also take other factors into consideration when deciding whether or not we agree with the going concern basis.
  • Mineral assets: we have a number of clients in the oil & gas and mining sectors and have a good understanding of assessing intangible and tangible assets under IFRS6/IAS16/IAS38 as well as rehabilitation/decommissiong liabilities under IAS 37.

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If you are looking to save audit fees or to improve audit efficiency for your AIM or AQSE listed plc then please do contact us to setup a free consultation and we’ll be happy to help you.