AIM listed plc

Specialist accounting for AIM listed plcs

Every AIM plc requires a mission critical level of accounting due to far more complex accounts and far more legislation compared to most other scenarios. In our view, anything less than the best research, the most in-depth planning and the most accurate computing is simply not good enough. It is a view which we believe is shared by the management of many AIM listed plcs, and it’s why we’re here to provide accounting and tax services to help secure and even improve the finances of such large companies.

Our expertise

We have gained valuable skills and experience from working with many AIM listed plcs. For example, a current client is an AIM listed plc focussed on the natural resources sector.

MAH has the infrastructure, knowledge and expertise to provide accounting and tax services for AIM listed plcs and it is one of our key specialities.

Our services

We can take responsibility over the business finances in any manner, allowing your company, and your financial director, to focus on other tasks to drive the business forward. 

We can also work alongside your existing auditors to handle the accounts which they are unable to prepare.

IFRS accounts – Creating consolidated accounts (including full disclosure checklists) and drafting new notes – especially for complex situations

Tax – Planning and preparing tax and assisting with R&D tax relief, if applicable

Forecasts – Carefully analysing various factors to prepare cash flow and budget forecasts. Also preparing NPV calculations for going concern and impairment reviews

Audit file – Preparing lead schedules and supporting audit work

Complex transactions

MAH’s in depth knowledge and experience also allows us to provide specialist services which rely on more complex finances and decisions based on judgment. Including:

Share options – Calculating fair value estimations using the Black-Scholes model

R&D – Carefully investigating if the IAS 38 criteria has been met for capitalisation

Financial instruments – Calculating derivatives such as FX forwards and swaps accounted for under fair value, and assessing compliance with numerous disclosure requirements

Contracts – Carefully analysing complex transactions and ensuring that all assets and profits have been recognised

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