FCA registered

Financial services & FCA registered firms

What’s important to you as an FCA registered firm?

Do you want to spend your time meeting new investors, managing investments and trading in your permitted securities etc?

Or do you want to waste time worrying about whether your FCA firm is complying with regulations or paying too much tax?

We can give you peace of mind

We have worked with a number of FCA registered firms or who are involved in financial services and leverage this experience to help you:

1) comply with a plethora of ever changing tax legislation and accounting regulations

2) save tax wherever possible


We have the skills and expertise to deal with FCA clients with complex audit, client money or tax issues. For example, we were the only firm outside of the Top 10 audit firms to be invited and participate in a consultation for the new standard to regulate how FCA client asset audits should be performed: MAH response to FRC consultation

We’ll you help by looking after everything:

  • checking your FCA reporting requirements & deadlines under CRD III/IV;
  • agreeing a strategy to ensure FCA deadlines are met;
  • recording all your transactions in accordance with UK GAAP / IFRS;
  • reconciling open positions, investments or balances with reports from funds or clearing/trading platforms etc;
  • producing regular accounts to help you prepare the FCA reports in good time;
  • providing assistance with GABRIEL;
  • advising on tax efficient wealth extraction techniques & structures;
  • investigating whether your income is exempt from or subject to VAT and
  • checking whether you can reclaim VAT on expenses
  • auditing the accounts and client assets (read more)

Want to find out more?

Please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements. Our office opposite Liverpool Street Station is within easy reach of the City, Canary Wharf or Mayfair or we could also visit you at your offices