Examples of Uncertainty

To qualify for R&D, the project must have some uncertainty at the outset, that means a competent professional cannot readily propose a solution.

Every project will always contain some uncertainty, but an R&D project will involve uncertainties that are not routine or don’t have established methods of analysis.

It should also be noted that in a commercial project, some parts of a project may not qualify whilst other parts do qualify, as the project is likely to do more than just resolve tech uncertainties.


Some examples from our clients with successful claims include uncertainty at the outset of the project over the following issues/aims:

  • making a database work at large scale and in realtime, managing concurrency issues
  • ensuring delivery of a complex technological solution is simple enough for customers to use
  • being able to develop a solution that not only works but also uses economically viable materials and will depend on previously untested combinations
  • trying to develop predictive analysis and machine learning solutions depends on being able to obtain sufficient data and then being able to solve complex problems
  • adaptability and modularity of API backend server infrastructure to serve different types of applications
  • being able to develop automated regression testing to ensure system uptime
  • figuring out a way of developing tech that can incorporate the complexities of risk management oversight