Ineligible activities for SEIS and EIS

Which trades don’t qualify for SEIS and EIS?

Most trades qualify, including R&D and preparations for trading, but some trades are specifically banned from claiming SEIS and EIS:

  • dealing in land, in commodities or futures or in shares, securities or other financial instruments
  • dealing in goods otherwise than in the course of an ordinary trade of wholesale or retail distribution
  • banking, insurance, money-lending, debt-factoring, hire-purchase financing or other financial activities
  • leasing (including letting ships on charter or other assets on hire)
  • receiving royalties or licence fees
  • providing legal or accountancy services
  • property development
  • farming or market gardening
  • holding, managing or occupying woodlands, any other forestry activities or timber¬†production
  • shipbuilding
  • producing coal
  • producing steel
  • operating or managing hotels or comparable establishments or managing property used as an hotel or comparable establishment
  • operating or managing nursing homes or residential care homes or managing property used as a nursing home or residential care home
  • the subsidised generation or export of electricity
  • any activities which are excluded activities under ITA07/S199 (provision of services or facilities for another business)