Lean, Mean, Audit Machine

Lean audit which is highly efficient

We perform highly efficient audits. We can promise that we will save you time by avoiding unnecessary tests simply because “it was done last year”, or “the audit check-list says so”.

We are, however, very thorough and spend a lot time planning the audit so that we can focus on the key risks. Rest assured, if there’s a problem, we’ll find it.

Our Approach

We have impeccable technical skills plus impressive industry knowledge and a pragmatic approach that quickly locks onto the key risks in a business. We really do understand your objectives and this helps in ensuring our approach is commercial.

We want to understand your business and will really put effort into understanding the way you work. This helps us to highlight areas for improvement and we always provide constructive feedback on potential improvements or suggestions on how to run and control the business better.

We are readily-contactable, well-organised and responsive. There will always a number to call, messages are responded to and our communication of technical aspects is clear and easily followed. You will know in advance when the engagement partner will be available.

Our bills are clear, good value for money – and lacking in nasty surprises.

Prestigious audit firms are expensive

Are you paying over the odds for an audit firm with a prestigious name? If its not a Top 10 firm, have people even heard of it? How much time did the audit partner actually spend on the job? Was it mainly junior staff?

What makes us different?

Due to our low overheads, high efficiency and top heavy partner-led approach we can perform an audit quickly and painlessly, whilst identifying problems and offering solutions. We offer a very joined up service due to the all-rounders in our team and will consider all angles of journals, including VAT and corporation tax.

For example, a major firm might perform analytical review on a very casual basis. If legal fees are material at £300k but unchanged from last year, it is highly unlikely that anyone will look at them any further unless the legal nominal falls within the sample test for expenses. This is despite the fact that legal fees need to be looked at very carefully as they could be either capital or expense items, and could also need to be deferred depending on the circumstances.

Fee challenge

We guarantee that we can save you a lot of money compared to a Top 100 firm, whilst performing an audit to the same level, if not higher.

ICAEW registered auditors

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