Tax is taxing!

Unfortunately, HMRC’s ad campaign “Tax doesn’t have to be taxing” couldn’t be further than the truth.

[quote style=”boxed”]“Since 1997, the tax legislation handbook has more than doubled in length. It is now over 11,000 pages long.”[/quote] George Osborne, 19 May 2010

We are here to guide you through the tax minefield and save you tax.

The best tax strategies come from knowing all of the most effective tax saving methods and techniques which abide to best practice guidelines. This way, when MAH analyses your business, we can create a strategy which includes every method suitable for your business and your industry sector. Overall, it is the approach which often results in paying the lowest amount of tax.

  • Planning tax strategies and calculating returns for corporate and personal entities.

  • Remuneration planning and we’ll also make sure directors’ and shareholders’ personal allowances are utilised as much as possible.

  • Planning and enacting R&D tax relief claims and advising on the patent box

  • Advising on EMI share option schemes, SEIS/EIS and any other relevant schemes

  • Applying for VAT registration, checking which VAT scheme is right for you and advising on VAT strategies, such as international sales, reverse charges and maximising relief on input VAT.

  • Planning exit strategies for entrepreneurs and property disposals to save capital gains tax

  • Inheritance tax planning and applying for probate.

We’ll also check the tax legislation and HMRC’s court cases against taxpayers to make sure that everything is justifiable and in full compliance with the law.

Download our free expert guide to  Wealth Extraction Strategies for companies which covers directors loans, management fees, salary vs dividends and much more.  



MAH has invested in the latest technology and training to provide iXBRL formatted accounts and PAYE real time reporting, which comply with HMRC’s new guidelines for online submission.