Exploring AQSE

In this post we explore the Aquis Stock Exchange (“AQSE”) in more detail. We act as auditors to small cap plcs listed on AQSE, AIM and Euronext and also as reporting accountants on IPOs.

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Startup accountant

We are startup accountants & can help you setup Setting up a new startup or business can be stressful with what looks like a mountain of paperwork and red tape to deal with. We’re here to help you with the tax and accounting side of things and have advised startups as diverse as a new… Continue reading Startup accountant

MiFID II and VAT on Research – still in the dark!

31 October 2017 Although the MiFID II regulation has been published since 2014 (delayed implementation date – 3rd January  2018), it is surprising that H M Revenue & Customs has not yet provided any firm guidance on the VAT treatment of research work. Recent press states that HMRC is now meeting with industry groups and… Continue reading MiFID II and VAT on Research – still in the dark!

Public sector contractors

Public sector This post only applies to off payroll “contractors” (including locums or consultants etc) who are working in the public sector, such as for the NHS, a government agency, university or local authority and use a limited company to raise invoices. Contractors working in the private sector will not currently be affected by these… Continue reading Public sector contractors

6 ways to legally boost your balance sheet permanently

We use our expertise to help clients maximise their assets where legally possible in accordance with UK GAAP or IFRS. This is especially useful for companies who need to meet gross asset or capital requirements such as FCA firms or raising bank loans or complying with bank or investor covenants. However, the methods below are… Continue reading 6 ways to legally boost your balance sheet permanently

Setting up company structure

Factors involved in setting up company structure There are different factors involved in setting up company structure and it depends on the type of business, circumstances of the shareholders and their aims for the business.   Shareholders: if you may sell the company and re-invest the profits a holding company may be useful otherwise, the co-founders can… Continue reading Setting up company structure

Bitcoin audit

Why would a Bitcoin audit be required? The New York State Department of Financial Services have proposed Bitlicense regulations which would require licensees to submit audited annual financial statements. If these regulations are passed it is possible that authorities in other jurisdictions would implement similar requirements. For example, we note that online gambling was initially illegal in… Continue reading Bitcoin audit

Xero Accountants

xero accountants

We are certified as Xero Accountants As Xero accountants we specialise in tech startups but also have experience of many other types of businesses from creative agencies to contractors to restaurants. What is Xero? Xero makes it very easy for businesses to do their bookkeeping, for example by automatically feeding in transactions from your bank and using… Continue reading Xero Accountants